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  • This Business consist of VendPays and business partners (eventually a Franchisee), when we get our Franchisor license
  • VendPays will provide:
    • the know how
    • sourcing of products and hardware
    • maintenance support
    • location advise
    • business process outsourcing
  • Business partner to provide
    • securing the high value location
    • financing to the vending machine hardware
    • decision to vending placement and potential relocation
  • VendPays will provide the finite cost to the machine, itemise the cost for each parts and component
  • The cost per cup would also be computed and the profit per cup
  • We will also plan promotion activities to ensure maximum awareness of the vending machine to the tenants of the building
    • Other marketing activities would further bolster desire to patronise the machine
  • We will work with our partner a ROI simulation enabling us to meet expectation on the returns